Historical commemoration of the thirteenth century
since 1988 Acquaviva Picena
City of Sponsalia


In the year 1234 Forastéria, daughter of Rainaldo of Acquaviva, named "the Big", married Rainaldo of Brunforte, Prince of Mogliano, son of Bonconte nephew of Fidesmino of Brunforte, Pirnce of Sarnano and Vicar of Frederic II. It was a very good marriage for the Acquaviva family, because Frederic II, who was bound very much to the Brunforte, could strenghten his position in the Piceno area. Forastéria and Rainaldo had seven children: Ottaviano, Rinaldo, Corrado, Ugolino, Francesca, Margherita, Gualtiero and each one are well fullfilled. SPONSALIA is the historical reevocation of this marriage, that is performed between July and August at Acquaviva Picena every years since 1988 by the association "Palio del Duca". Games, performances, medieval ballets and the marriage banquet take place within the Fortress. SPONSALIA, an homage to love!

Drape 1989 Golden Roll of the Palio

Medieval Wedding Banquet

Inside the majestic medieval fortress in a setting of braziers, torches, music, songs, medieval dances, entertainment, fires and the fire of the fortress, you can taste the sought-after medieval specialties at the court of the Del Duca degli Acquaviva.

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